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Tom Samek (1950-2021) Europe Australia

Lot 8
The Gathers
103 x 118cm (cloth) 122 x 137cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Provenance Created by Czech tapestry workshops based on painting
The tapestries are HAND WOVEN at a workshop in Jindrichuv Hradec, south of Prague, on the Czech Austrian border. Where contemporary hand woven tapestries are created as well as the restoration of classical antique goblins.

Tom had had a close working relationship with the tapestry workshop since 1994, suppling an original design, the weavers produce for themselves a cartoon registration template. The weft of silk and wool threads were hand died to match the original design. An original painting was delivered, or a digital print of the painting supplied. A cartoon is placed under the loom, the original behind with the selection of threads. Weavers then progressed, following the cartoon for the lines and the original artwork for the colours.

It is a lengthy process, with tapestries taking a weaver 6 months to complete. Typically a weaver can produce between 3 and 8 square meters of tapestry per year, depending on complexity.

Estimate: $16,000 - $18,000